Anegada Bonefihsing and Flats Fishing

Every good fisherman knows you have to go where the fish are; Anegada in the British Virgin Islands surrounds you with an abundance of fish and flats. Anegada, the most northerly of all the British Virgin Islands, has fewer residents, (only 288 people live on the island), and visitors than the other BVI islands, It is the only island in the chain that is of coral formation and is surrounded by the Horseshoe Reef, one of the world’s longest, spanning some 18 miles.

Anegada is ground zero for flats fishing for Bonefish. While other BVI islands are volcanic mountain forms that rise from the sea, Anegada, (a Spanish word meaning "submerged land"), is a flat, low-lying stretch of sand is approximately 14 miles long and 2 miles wide. Its highest point is just 30 feet above sea level. There are more acres of flats than land and many more bonefish than residents. Whether you’re a first time fisherman or an experienced fly fishing angler for Bonefish and or Tarpon, the local guides always know where the fish are biting.

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